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Millions of Americans are working every day towards the goal of retirement. They spend dozens of hours worrying on a yearly basis about how they will retire and how they will sustain themselves once they do retire. This anxiety partially comes from the shifting nature of retirement. Over the past three decades, the United States has shifted from a model where employers ensured retirement to one where employees were responsible for making enough money to eventually retire. The change has redefined the expectations people need to have about when they will retire and what their retirement will eventually look like.

Premature retirement

Anyone who is considering retirement soon should begin saving immediately. If they do not have investment priorities set up, they should at least put the money into their savings account. Every penny saved today will add up over time. The best way for people to retire comfortably is to start building habits and systems for saving while young. Once they have started saving money and are developing habits, they should talk to a financial planner and develop a retirement age calculator.

This retirement age calculator will show how they should invest and how those investments should change over time. It can also give a retirement savings by age chart. At a date determined by the retirement savings by age chart, their investments combined with Social Security should be able to sustain their lifestyle. That Social Security retirement age chart gives their actual projected retirement date. This number should change as a person buys a house or has children. Finally, a person needs to continue reviewing the performance of their portfolio over time. They should feel free to change or modify their Social Security retirement age chart at any time.


People considering retirement age in USA 2020 need to know about relevant laws and amounts. They must figure out how much they own and how much they will require each month to live comfortably. They also need to know how their own work needs and situation can extend into retirement to determine what is my retirement age. Some people do not want to ever completely retire and do not care what is my retirement age. They want to work jobs that they find meaningful and fulfilling throughout their life. Proper planning and a clear understanding of the retirement age in their state will help them figure out these totals and realize what it will take to have the most successful retirement possible.