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Robert Cenko

Professional overview

About Robert

Robert Cenko of San Diego, California is a financial professional with decades of experience. In his current role, Robert has many duties, including hiring and training new advisors that join the team. Robert also creates marketing strategy to promote the company’s products to the communities they serve. On top of that, he plays a large role in client relationships, assisting staff with client service issues and creating customized financial plans for clients nearing retirement. He also evaluates the post-retirement healthcare plans that are available to his clients.

Robert Cenko’s philosophy for his work is that his service needs to come before himself. To him, this means respecting each client and always listening to what their needs are and finding a solution that matches. Robert is also a strong advocate for using your network, and he likes to solve problems (both at work and out in the community) by teaming up with people he knows professionally. Robert also is a believer in education, and he likes to learn about new financial and healthcare offerings that could help his clients. He also encourages his team members to grow and develop professionally, as well as stay on top of their industry in the same way he does.

Although Robert Cenko is a seasoned professional in the insurance and financial planning space, he did not always plan to go down this route. Robert went to school for Accounting, which is a profession that runs in the family. Early in his career, he interned for Northwestern Mutual and was designated a Top 10 Intern. After his internship, he remained with the company for over 20 years as an Investment Specialist. During this time, Robert was a major contributor to the team, and he even trained new financial advisors. While Robert appreciated working with Northwestern, he ultimately decided to venture on his own for a time, opening his own business and managing a team of 10-15 at their peak.

Even though Robert Cenko is a hardworking professional, he also considers himself an avid philanthropist, participating in several community organizations. Robert always looks to where he can be of assistance the most, whether that means organizing events, fundraising, or participating in regular meetings. In the future, Robert hopes to continue helping those in his community, whether it be in his professional work or by continuing to volunteer with organizations in his area.


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